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Q. Is the HopperBag the same size as a basic lawn and
     leaf bag?

The HopperBag is identical in size to a basic lawn and leaf bag except for the 4 corners in the top sides of the bag that form the expandable funnel portion of the bag.

Q. Is the HopperBag biodegradable?

The HopperBag is made entirely out of the same material as any basic wet-strength lawn and leaf bag, and therefore it is completely biodegradable. Even the corner and side reinforcements are made out of paper, which are also biodegradable.

Q. Is the HopperBag available in larger bundle size?

The HopperBag is available as a 4-pack bundle. As a new product, we would like to maximize availability to as many customers as possible. As production ramps up over the next few months, larger bundle sizes may be available.

Q. Is the HopperBag available in retail stores?

HopperBag is currently available in select retail stores across the nation. We are working with various distributors and retailers to amke the product available through retail stores. Please visit our website to find out availability and details of locations where HopperBag can be purchased.

Q. Does one need to follow all 3 steps to open the HopperBag?

Ideally, following all 3 steps will provide the best results in maintaining the fully expanded configuration of the HopperBag.  If necessary, Step 1 can be eliminated by jumping to Step 2 to open the sides and corners, and then forming the creases from inside the bag as part of Step 3.

Q. What is the correct method to lift or move a filled HopperBag?

The correct method to lift or move a filled HopperBag is by grabbing the middle portions of the top side sections of the bag. 

Bags filled with yard waste debris tend to get quite heavy and it is natural to grab the corners of the HopperBag to lift, pull or move the filled bag.  Doing so will cause the corners to tear off.  In addition, the corners tend to get deformed in this process and will not serve its intended purpose (funnel-shaped opening) if the bag is to be used to load additional yard waste.  That said, if you do need to use the corners to lift or move the bag, tuck in the corner triangles and then grab the corners using the two adjacent sides of the bags – just like you would with a basic lawn and leaf bag.  When done carefully, the corners will remain intact and not tear off.

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