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HopperBag - Instructions for Use

Note to users: The triangular structural modifications in the top corners of the HopperBag are specifically designed to deliver its key benefits, as outlined in the introduction and technology pages.  Please note that the 4 corner structures are not designed for use as handles for lifting, pulling or moving a filled bag.  Bag can be lifted or moved using the middle portions at the top of the bag where indicated.

The structural modifications within the mouth of the HopperBag require certain simple steps to open the bag into its fully expanded state.  By following these 3 simple steps and the useful tips, you should be able to experience the full benefit of the HopperBag .

Step 1

Fold back-and-forth to form a crease along the base of the corner modifications in the bag.

Tip: For best results, fold the crease back-and-forth at least 3-4 times and press firmly along the length of the crease.

Click here for video.

Step 2

Open bag and bend the sides and triangular corners outward.

Tip: For best results, push the reinforced folds in the side and corners outward with one palm while simultaneously pinching along the length of the folds outside the bag using fingers of the other hand. While there is no preferred order, the two sides can be done first before expanding the four corners.

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Step 3

Press firmly on the crease outward to keep bag open.

Tip: For best results, press firmly on all four creases formed in Step 1 from inside the bag to maintain the bag in a fully expanded state.

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