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Ordinary paper lawn and leaf bags, or yard waste bags, are routinely used for disposal of yard waste debris such as grass clippings, leaves and other common bio-degradable yard waste. These bags are common commodity items and available in all retail outlets throughout the US.

Despite the widespread adoption of these bags, the design of the bag presents several challenges that can lead to a frustrating experience when using these bags. Some of the common challenges are listed below with reasons that cause the issues.

Challenge Root Cause
Bag does not stay open in windy conditions Lack of reinforcements in the design of the basic lawn and leaf bag
Opening of the bag is too small Folds in the bag prevent the opening from staying as a perfect rectangle of 16” x 12” dimension
Need more that one person to load the bag Weight of the debris prevents one person from keeping the bag open while filling the bag
Bag collapses during filling Folds within the bag combined with wind and the weight of the material being filled
Bag mouth tears during the loading process Inflexible metal frame and large dimension of lawnmower grass catcher assembly results in a snug fit within the mouth of the bag
Debris falls out during loading Small opening of the bag and external factors such as wind causes the bag mouth to close

With its HopperSMART™, HopperLOAD™ and HopperSTRONG™ innovative features, the HopperBag solves all the challenges
of a basic lawn and leaf bag.

HopperBag Features Benefits
•  Built-in funnel in every bag

•  Identical size and form as basic bags
Fill bags easily without any additional help

No need for any extra storage space
•  Bag mouth is twice the size of basic bags

•  Wide, funnel-shaped mouth allows easy
Easy to load yard waste without any tears

Funnel-shaped mouth directs yard waste directly into the bag minimizing any spills
•  Bag mouth stays open even under windy

•  Open bag can be laid flat without the mouth
No extra effort or frustrations in keeping the bag mouth open

Convenient for raking leaves and debris directly into the bag

Give it a try and experience all the benefits
that the
HopperBag delivers!
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