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The HopperBag technology incorporates simple, yet specific patented design innovations that deliver its unique benefits. These benefits are not available in a basic lawn and leaf bag. The HopperBag design innovations utilize structural modifications to the top portion of a basic lawn and leaf bag - details of which are highlighted below.

 HopperSMART Technology
Folded Bag Expanded Corners
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The corner modifications include triangular shapes that are esigned to fold inside the bag in a collapsed state. When the triangular shapes are pushed outward, it creates an octagonal-shaped opening to the mouth of the bag resulting in a built-in funnel in every bag.

 HopperLOAD Technology
Vertical view of bag openings Filling Bag
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Compared to the basic bag that has a rectangular-shaped opening with a surface area of 192 sq in, the HopperBag opening offers twice the surface area at 384 sq in due to the octagonal-shaped, outward facing funnel. As a result of this large surface area, the flow of debris is directed into the bag with minimal spills outside the bag.

 HopperSTRONG Technology
Raking directly into bag
The funnel-shaped structural design maintains the HopperBag mouth in an open configuration even under mild to moderate windy conditions. This design also enables laying the bag flat on the ground for raking debris directly into the bag.

 Compare the most important features that you desire in a lawn and leaf
 bag, then judge for yourself the benefits of HopperBag
vs. basic bag

Features HopperBag Basic Bag
Built-in funnel in every bag Yes No
Large surface area of the bag mouth Yes No
Easy loading of yard waste Yes No
Bag stays open in windy conditions Yes No
Open bag can be laid flat for raking debris directly Yes No

The choice is clear!
HopperBag – The NEW standard in lawn and leaf bags.
Featuring HopperSMART, HopperLOAD and HopperSTRONG technologies.
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